Interview: Everyone Has A Superpower: Industry Pioneer Dan Leary On Founding Nexamp, PanelClaw And Denowatts

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Meet Dan Leary, an innovative force in the solar energy industry. His past ventures, including co-founding Nexamp and PanelClaw, have significantly shaped the renewable energy landscape, certainly in the USA and the Northeast region. In this enlightening interview, we delve into Dan's journey from his early entrepreneurial tendencies and service-driven ethos to becoming a trailblazer in energy solutions. Currently spearheading Denowatts, Dan shares invaluable insights into harnessing each team member's unique superpower, the necessity of shared values in successful teams, and the power of predictive foresight in entrepreneurial leadership. Themes of service, sustainability, and the importance of data in decision-making punctuate the conversation. This exploration of Dan's career is both an educational resource for those in the energy sector and an inspiring tale for all entrepreneurs.




  1. Finding Individual Strengths: Leary emphasizes the need for everyone in a team to find their 'superpower', reflecting his understanding of individual talents and abilities.

  2. Data-Driven Decision Making: Leary's shift from viewing his latest venture, Denowatts, as a 'better mousetrap' to seeing it as a 'revolution in data' emphasizes his appreciation for data-driven decision-making.

  3. Adaptability and Market Gap Recognition: The inception of PanelClaw arose from a market gap after SunPower's acquisition of Powerlight, showing Leary’s ability to adapt to changes and identify new opportunities.



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